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Welcome to the BNSF AC4400CW Web page. For the first time in its history, BNSF has taken delivery of three AC locomotives from the General Electric Corporation. Until now, all BNSF AC locomotives have come from the GeneralMotors Locomotive Group in the form of the SD70MAC.

The three locomotives were originally split up and sent to various parts of the vast BNSF Railway system in order to train the mechanical crews. For the moment, the GE ACs are earning their keep by working as Distributed Power on coal trains for BNSF. If BNSF deems the locomotives worthy, more might be ordered in the future.

On this page, one can see what BNSF's first GE AC engines look like, as well as the GE test car accompanying the three sister locomotives during their travels. There is also a log on where the threesome have ventured since being released from GE's Erie plant on 23 October 1999.

BNSF AC4400CW Specifications
Prime Mover: 16-7FDL
Truck Type: C-C
Gear Ratio: 87:16
Maximum Speed: 75 mph
Weight: 415,000 lbs.
Length: 69 feet, 4 inches
Width: 9 feet, 11 inches
Height: 15 feet, 5 inches
Auxillary Alternator: GMG-197
Traction Motors: GE752AH
Dynamic Brake: Extended Range
Fuel: 5300 gallons
Wheel Diameter: 42 inches
Truck Types Hi-Adhesion

BNSF AC4400CW: Current Roster
Roster Number Builder Number Builder Date
5600 52128 September 1999
5601 52129 September 1999
5602 52130 September 1999

Click on a picture to see it full size.

   Here's BNSF AC4400CW #5600 being the 
   Distributed Power Unit on coal train
   C-JRMSLP. Picture courtesy of Phil E.
   Here's BNSF AC4400CW #5600 being the 
   Distributed Power Unit on coal train. 
   Picture courtesy of Phil E.
        Picture courtesy of ColumbiaDan.
        Picture courtesy of FunnelFan.
        Picture courtesy of FunnelFan.
        Picture courtesy of FunnelFan.
        Picture courtesy of FunnelFan.
        Picture courtesy of FunnelFan.
        Picture by Glen Beans, from the ABPR Archive.
        BNSF #5600 as a DPU passes thru Somerville, TX
        while major storm clouds provide a different type of backdrop.
        Photo is by Ken Whitehead,
        and was captured using a Nikon Coolpix 950.
   Here's BNSF AC4400CW #5601 being the 
   lead locomotive on coal train
   C-JRMSLP. Picture courtesy of Phil E.
   Here's BNSF AC4400CW #5601 leading
   a coal train by Tower 17, Rosenberg, TX. 
   on 12/13/1999.
   Picture courtesy of Phil E.
   BNSF AC4400CW #5601 shows
   off her face to the camera.
   Picture courtesy of Phil E.
   BNSF AC4400CW #5601 shows
   off a clean, bright face to the camera.
   Picture courtesy of Al Krug.
   Here's a close-up of #5601's truck
   Picture courtesy of Al Krug.
        Picture courtesy of ColumbiaDan.
        Picture courtesy of FunnelFan.
        Picture courtesy of SignalMan.
        Grotto, WA on 7/20/2002. 
Photo courtesy of Brian Ambrose.
        Skykomish, WA on 7/20/2002. 
Photo courtesy of Brian Ambrose.
        Skykomish, WA on 7/20/2002. 
Photo courtesy of Brian Ambrose.
        Deception Cr, WA on 7/20/2002. 
Photo courtesy of Brian Ambrose.
        Monitor, WA on 7/20/2002. 
Photo courtesy of Brian Ambrose.
        Picture by Glen Beans, from the ABPR Archive.
   Here's BNSF AC4400CW #5602 being the 
   second unit on coal train
   C-JRMSLP. Picture courtesy of Phil E.
   Here's BNSF AC4400CW #5602 helping lead
   a coal train by Tower 17, Rosenberg, TX. 
   on 12/13/1999.
   Picture courtesy of Phil E.
   BNSF AC4400CW #5601 & #5602 pause at the
   lead to Smithers Lake in Texas.
   Picture courtesy of Phil E.
        Picture courtesy of FunnelFan.
        Picture courtesy of FunnelFan.
        Picture courtesy of Woodrow.
        Picture by Glen Beans, from the ABPR Archive.
   Here's GECX #90, the test car from
   General Electric which is assigned to the
   three AC4400CW to evaluate the locomotives'
   performance. GECX 90, a test car that 
   provides support, parts and tools for the
   units. It has a crew of 3, is fully self 
   contained with kitchen and sleeping
   quarters. The crew does a 5 day rotation 
   staying with the car. Picture courtesy of Phil E.
   Another photo of GECX #90, the test car. 
   Picture courtesy of Phil E.

Here's another photo of the three AC locomotives pulling a vehicle train.
Photo is from G&M Productions.

BNSF 5600-5602 Log
10/23/1999 The historic General Electric order for the first BNSF AC4400CWs is now reality! BNSF 5600, 5601, and 5602 have been paired with GE Test Car 90 and were placed on the CSXT Interchange track this afternoon at Erie, PA.

This trio is scheduled for pick-up by CSXT later this evening or early in the morning for delivery to BNSF in Chicago. The GE Test Car is going to be used by BNSF to evaluate the performance of these new-to-BNSF GE ACs. -information courtesy of Mike Hoppe.

11/17/1999 5600-Galesburg, 5601-Amarillo, 5602-Ft Worth. Units are at these locations for mechanical forces training. Should stay there for a few days, then off to other locations.
11/22/1999 One of BNSF's newest locomotives, a General Electric built AC4400CW's, series 5600-5602, visited Colorado Nov18-21. BNSF 5601 came north from Pueblo, CO, leading a H-KCKDEN 3-17 (Kansas City to Denver) train on Nov18. It came off the train for training mechanical folks at BNSF's Denver Diesel Shop on Nov20.

Nov21, BNSF 5601 was added to the a Black Thunder Mine bound coal empty. Train was the E-HAFBTM-079 (Lower Colorado River Authority, Fayette Plant, Halsted, TX, to the Black Thunder Mine, WY). BNSF 5601 operated on the point from Denver to Guernsey, WY, where it came off the train.

11/24/1999 On Nov24, BNSF 5601 & 5602 are on the E-SLPJRM-274 (Smithers Lake, TX, UFIX coal cars to Jacobs Ranch Mine, WY) for loading. BNSF 5600 is at Alliance, NE
12/01/1999 BNSF's new AC4400CW's, 5600, 5601 & 5602, all left Guernsey, WY, Nov30 on a Jacob's Ranch Mine, WY, coal empty, 118-cars. Train is the E-SLPJRM-279. Power setup; BNSF 5601, GECX Test Car 90, BNSF 5602, UFIX 2086, UFIX 4044 on rear as DP unit, BNSF 5600.

Train was around Bill, WY, the morning of Nov30 headed for the Jacob's Ranch Mine.

12/03/1999 BNSF's three AC4400CW's operated across Colorado on Dec01 and 02, but needed help from an EMD SD70MAC, BNSF 9912. The BNSF 5600 had load regulator trouble putting it out of action -- idling only in the rear distributed power (DP) placement. BNSF's Jacob Ranch Mine, WY, to Houston Lighting & Power Parish Power Plant at Smithers Lake, TX, BNSF train symbol C-JRMSLP-286, is the train the AC4400CW's were working.

BNSF 5601, GE test car Gemini 90, BNSF 5602, and rear distributed power BNSF 5600 was the setup from the Powder River Basin's Jacobs Ranch Mine. The train moved through Guernsey, WY, Morrill, NE, south through Sterling, CO, then west towards Denver on Dec01. The train arrived Denver's 31st Street Yard at 02:00, Dec02. GE had wanted to repair BNSF's load regulator at Denver, but too many trains prompted BNSF to run the train south on the Joint Line adding BNSF 9912. GE technicians were planning to make BNSF 5600's repairs at Pueblo, CO, late Dec02.

12/07/1999 The three new General Electric AC4400CW's, BNSF 5601, 5602 and rear placed distributed power 5600 are moving north on the Joint Line. They passed Colorado Springs, CO, on Tuesday, 12-7, at 8 AM. The coal empty, Smithers Lake, TX, to Jacobs Ranch Mine, will be rolling through Denver about midday. BNSF train symbol was E-SLPJRM-286 with 117 empties. This is their first round trip to Texas.
12/09/1999 The trio of AC44s left Reno Juntion, WY at 5:20 pm December 9, 1999. The will likely head down the front range of Colorado early on the 11th.
12/10/1999 The trio of "5600's" departed Jacobs Ranch Mine with the C-JRMSLP2-95 train at 15:00 on Thursday Dec09. Likely they will traverse the Colorado Front Range early Saturday. The set is likely still arranged with the 5601 leading, then GECX 90, the 5602, and the 5600 on the rear in Distributed Power Mode.
12/11/1999 Trinidad,CO. Arrive 12/11/99 0839 Depart 12/11/99 0854
Amarillo,TX. Arrive 12/11/99 2347 Depart 12/12/99 0232
Wichita Falls,TX. Ar12/12/99 0651 Depart 12/12/99 0706
Temple,TX. Arrive 12/12/99 1539 Depart 12/12/99 1609
Smithers Lake,TX. Ar12/12/99 2359
12/13/1999 The C-JRMSLP2-95 tied up at Booth siding around 0900 12/13/99, awaiting unloading room at HL&P plant. (DS 23 reminded crew to cut the new crossing going into the new sub-division.) 5601,GE test car, 5602, 115 loads, 5600 DPU. All units facing forward.
12/24/1999 The coal empty E-SLPJRM3-02 departed Colorado Springs, CO at about 7:20 pm Christmas eve with the 5601 and 5602 leading and the 5600 in DP as the rear remote.
12/26/1999 5600's on C-JRMSLP3-11 thru Bill at 2247 MT. Due out of Guernsey around 0700 on the 27th.
01/02/2000 The BNSF's AC4400CW's 5600-5602 arrived Denver about 11:00 hours on Sunday, Jan. 2. They were on the UFIX coal empty, E-SLPJRM-311 (Houston Lighting & Power, Smithers Lake, TX, to Jacobs Ranch Mine, WY). The train pulled into BNSF 31st Yard, coal one. All units came off the train and went to Denver Diesel Shop. They will depart later in the day for Lincoln, NE, on the Denver to Galesburg, IL, train usually called about 20:00 hours. The way they came off the coal train put them in numerical order for an eastbound move.
01/03/2000 The BNSF's trio of AC4400CWs; 5600-5602 were the sole power on H-DENGAL through Lincoln, NB around 13:00.
01/11/2000 Just a heads up, 5600's heading south on C CAMSLP0-08 Thru Bridgeport Ne at approx 0945 C-CAMSLP0-08 at Avondale Siding (just north of Ft. Worth) at 1330 CST, 01/13/2000. It has the AC GE units, BNSF 5602 on the point, for power.
01/23/2000 Those BN AC44s departed Trinidad at 729 am on Sunday. Will be on the Pueblo to Denver segment starting about noon. 5602 leading with 5601 back to back and the 5600 on the rear facing out fromm the train
01/23/2000 The BNSF AC4400CWs traversed the Colorado Front range on Jan23. This trip as with the last had the 5602 leading and back to back with the 5601, 124 UFIX empties, and the 5600 in Distributed Power mode on the rear with her back against the train. These three units cause quite a stir amongst the railfan community and are a welcome change from the nearly 800 Big Macs that typically pull the coal trains on the Joint Line.
01/24/2000 They are on the E-SLPCAM0-15 which is probably nearing Guernsey at this time. Came through Palmer Lake, CO at 338 pm yesterday. Looking Nice! Last trip they exchanged trains at Guernsey so they may or may not be with the same cars next trip. Trace UFIX 18055 or 18064.
02/23/2000 I was looking on the lineup tonight and seen the 5600,5601,5602. They are at Lincoln now and it showed they will be on the M-LINGAL train. Nothing had been reported yet but it said they will depart Lincoln Friday at 13:00 and be in Galesburg at 3:07 Saturday. the train has 98 loads, 19 empty, 12,659 tons, and is 6862 length. I hope they don't send them a different place since I wrote this now. If anybody has anymore info on were they will go after Galesburg let me know, I live on the Mendota Sub so I hope they come through here.
02/29/2000 The C-JRMPAM0-73B has BNSF5601/BNSF8813 and BNSF5600 as DPU passing Ardmore,SD. 02/29/00 at 1957. 135 cars, 19171 tons, and 7166 feet + 220 loco = 7386 total feet. JHMX 99453 is a car on this train. The train list shows all this power for an online destination of Alliance,NE., but I would imagine that they will go all the way to Palos,AL. I will keep you guys advised if it changes. Currently listed to arrive at Kansas City,MO. on 03/02/00 at 0309. The BNSF5602 is listed at JACJCT,(Jacobs Ranch Mine)WY. It was listed as TAMO 02/28/00 at 2000.
02/29/2000 Well they did come off in Alliance, the 5602 has a B/O Fuel pump, it was set out on-line on sunday afternoon, Hemingford NE if anyone cares. It was the DP unit. The train continued west and picked up the 70mac somewhere around Donkey Creek, but not sure, could have been Edgemont. But most likely Donkey Creek. Train came back yesterday, late afternoon. Left Alliance without the 5600's, they will go to Lincoln on the H-PASKCK1-28 or something like that. They should be in Lincoln by Mid Day tomorrow. As for Palos, it is planned to be up and running by the 5th of March.
05/08/2000 The BNSF 5600 series AC4400's went west on a coal train to Centralia, WA last week. Where are they going now? BNSF 5602 and BNSF 5600 left Centralia last night along with the BNSF 9808 and BN 9658(Cream and Green SD70MACS) with The E-CECSCM0-43A(Centraia-Spring Creek Mine,WY Coal Empties). That is the exact order the units are in as well on the point of this train. The latest report of this train: BNSF,650382,E,AUBURN ,WA,TA,05082000,090000,BNSF ,NERJCT ,MT,05112000,035800,AP,NERJCT ,MT,,,,057, E-CECSCM0-43 Still in Auburn, maybe daylight up Stampede? maybe following the H-EVEPAS1-08A ???? The BNSF AC4400CW's were stuck on the Centralia WA coal trains a week or two ago. They will surely be watched very closely, as for them as of right now: BNSF 5600 - Yard at Tacom WA BNSF 5601 - Yard at Lincoln NE - Unit won't load in reverse BNSF 5602 - Yard at Tacoma WA And anyone wondering, this particular unit hasn't faired as well, having eleven defects since delivered...none were too major other than the DPU deal. Hope it doesn't wind up doing like that CSXT 601 (CW60AC) did, it's on it's fifth or sixth prime mover.
05/12/2000 Two new 5600's headed EAST. About 1830PST at M.P.27 on the scenic sub 5602 on the point followed by the 5600 along with bn 9613 bnsf 4715 and bnsf 1000 lite power from Seattle to Everett to pick up the H-EVEGAL1-10a train at Delta Yard in Everett. Should be out of Everett by now with 5602-5600-9613 on the headend and 4715 and 1000 cut in as DP power. Train consist is 54 loads 9 empties 7153 tons 4259 feet. Final destination is Galesburg Ill. H-EVEGAL-10A past Essex, MT at 0946 Friday morning. Power is the BNSF 5602 and 5600 (AC44CWs ) and the BNSF 9613 (SD70MAC). Planned into La Crosse at about 1100 on Sunday. Unknown how far the power will stay on as is. Also a O-MPLCHC1-16 planned on Tuesday 5-16 with an arrival at La Crosse at 1123 and a departure of 0523 on Wednesday 5-17.
05/14/2000 The Power is the BNSF 5602 east the BNSF 5600 west, the BNSF 9613 west all the Power is going to go through to Galesburg, It Just Arrived in Havre MT 3 Hours and 50 Min Later. When it leave NTW it is going to have 78 Loads 7 Mtys 9333 on the Tons and 5487 feet long (I have all the Cars on the Train if any one want them). So the BNSF 5601 must be going to meet the two other AC4400CW in Galesburg. The Train is the H DENGAL 11 A it arrive at Lincoln, NE 1730 1 Hour Ahead, the Power is the BNSF 5601 east, ATSF 159 west and the BNSF 3194 east. It has 78 Loads 24 Mty 10709 on the Ton and about 5940 feet long. Well, That is all I know so have a good time try to get some photos of it.
08/10/2000 BN 555011, BNSF 650599, BN 555052 BNSF 5600 & 5602 with another DPU arrived Yardley on Centralia coal train for immenent departure WB.
02/27/2001 BNSF 5600, 5601, and 5602, the three AC4400CWs are east bound on Stampede as we speak, with empty coal train E CECSCM0 22, with 112 cars.

If interested, trace BNSF650190 to keep track of progress.

Date Unknown Presently all three are on train CSCMECO71A lined up 5602-5601-5600, trace car BNSF 650329. Due Centralia WA 0700 7/14.

Date Unknown The GE ACs left Auburn, WA, east bound, about 11:30 with the empty coal train E CECSCM0 71. They are in numeric order, with the BNSF 5600 in the lead. The 5601 and 5602 are running "backwards". The train is 118 cars, 490 axles. You can trace BNSF 650121.
12/23/2001 The BNSF AC4400CW 5600, 5601, and 5602 have been regulars on the coal train (CSCMCEC-0 AND ECECSCM-0) South Creek Mine to Centralia, WA. For the last couple of weeks for some reason they have been split up and running on Intermodal, grain and general freights to the Pacific NW. They are all three now back on the coal train bound for Centralia, WA.
5/17/2002 The 3 BNSF AC4400CW's(5600-5602) are in captive service between Spring Creek Mine, MT and Centralia, WA on the C-SCMCEC/E-CECSCM coal trains.
11/21/2002 BNSF #5600, #5601, and #5602 were on E-SLPCAM2-27A which passed Crowley, TX on 11/21/2002 @ 12:34 a.m. running 2 hours and 6 minutes behind schedule.
11/21/2002 BNSF #5600, #5601, and #5602 were on E-SLPCAM2-27A which passed Claredon, TX on 11/21/2002 @ 10:49 a.m. running 1 hour and 19 minutes ahead of schedule.

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