Welcome to the Railways Lines of the Santa Fe in 1955 website. This information has been made available by John Moore. Thanks also to Mr. Moore for making this website possible.


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Eastern Lines

  • Chicago Terminal Division
  • Illinois Division
  • Missouri Division
  • Kansas City Division
  • Eastern Division
  • Middle Division
  • Oklahoma Division      

    Western Lines

  • Western Division
  • Colorado Division
  • New Mexico Division
  • Panhandle Division
  • Slaton Division
  • Plains Division
  • Pecos Division      

    Coast Lines

  • Albuquerque Division
  • Valley Division
  • San Francisco Terminal Division
  • Los Angeles Division
  • Los Angeles Terminal and Harbor District      

    Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway

  • Northern Division
  • Southern Division
  • Gulf Division      

    Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway (in Texas)

  • Plains Division
  • Slaton Division
  • Pecos Division
  • New Mexico Division

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