DTTX #63303

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     This is an intermodal 5-well, articulated, container-only double-stack railcar with bulkheads. It is called a "Twin Stack", and was introduced in 1985 by Gunderson Inc.

     The container capability of this railcar is center units, C, D, and E, can carry either two 20' or one 40' container in the lower position. End units, A and B, can carry one 40' container only in the lower position. All units can carry one 40', one 45', or one 48' container in the upper position. The railcar itself is articulated, meaning there are 100-ton 36" wheeled trucks in the intermediate positions, and 70-ton 33" wheeled trucks at each end.

     It is of the DS-5 class, and of the GWG50D TTX-class.

     For more information, please see the TTX website.

     If interested in modeling this railcar, PPW-A-Line produces a kit, which can be completed with decals and an additional detailing kit.


Overall length of five-unit car: 265' 0"
Capacity per well: 100,500 - 102,500 lbs.



DTTX #63303 DTTX #63303 DTTX #63303
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Section A - 1/1/1990


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Section B - 1/1/1990


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Section C - 1/1/1990


DTTX #63303 DTTX #63303
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Section D - 1/1/1990


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Section E - 1/1/1990


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