Welcome to the TTLX Gallery page by noted Santa Fe modeler, Eric Goodman.

      The album consists photos of two TTLX intermodal cars, as well as a gallery on the hitches found on the TTLX cars. Information on the TTLX cars can be found below.

      Enjoy your visit.


Background on TTX's TTLX Intermodal Cars

        The TTLX set of cars have been rebuilt from specific UTTX cars, while others have been assembled new. TTLX #60101-#60120 were originally UTTX #60101-#60120. TTLX #60121-#60167 were originally UTTX #60121-#60167, and TTLX #60168-#60195 were originally UTTX #60168-#60195. All of these cars were stretched so that they could accommodate a 48' trailer on each articulated unit. The TTLX cars also have had their truck-mounted brake systems converted to body-mounted systems. the TTLX series #60200-#60399, #60400-#60599, and prototype car #61003 were all built new.

        The AAR-code for these cars is Q156 - trailers only, five articulated platforms, and one 28' to 48' trailer per platform. All TTLX cars have 28' wheels in each truck. They also have the NRC-2 hitch. Only the B-unit carries the brakestand. TTLX spine cars were mostly assigned to the Santa Fe, and some (TLF51s) even carried ATSF heralds.


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