ATSF Dash 9-44CW Specifications


       Welcome to the Santa Fe Dash 9-44CW Specifications web page. Here one can read about the background history of how General Electric's Dash 9 locomotive came to be found in Warbonnet colors, take a look at some of Santa Fe's big GE Dash 9s in action, as well as read the specifications sheet of these last big GE locomotives purchased by the Santa Fe.

Background on Santa Fe's GE Dash 9-44CW locomotives

       In the latter half of 1993, the economic progress of the country was looking quite good, and so Santa Fe placed an order with the General Electric company for its latest C-C type locomotive. GE responded by delivering 50 units of their 4,400 horsepower Dash 9-44CW. The locomotives were placed within the Santa Fe roster from 600 to 649.

       After some teething problems, mostly excess metal flash on the trucks, Santa Fe was convinced the new Dash 9s were working out, so the railway placed another order. General Electric started delivery this order beginning in August 1994, which was placed in the Santa Fe roster from 650 to 699. This order differed only slightly from the first order in the fact that these locomotives were on a modified Hi-Ad truck. For the entire Dash 9 order, the even numbered locomotives were fitted as lead pacesetters, and the old numbered locomotives were designated as trailing pacesetters, used for distributed power configurations.

Santa Fe Dash 9s in Action


Click on a picture to get its full size. Pictures courtesy of Tim Holmes.


Santa Fe Dash 9 Specifications

Road Numbers: 600-699
Builder's Numbers: 600-649 47674-47723
650-699(even) 48144-48168
650-699(odd) 48058-48082
Builder's Dates: 600-649 2-4/94
650-699(even) 9/94
650-699(odd) 8/94
Weight (full): 392,000 lb.
Engine Data
Horsepower-Traction: 4,380
Number of Cylinders: 16
Model: 7FDL16
Type: 45 degree V-16, 4 stroke cycle, turbocharged
RPM: 1,050
Fuel Injection: No
Traction Equipment
Traction & Auxilliary Alternator: GMG 197
Traction Motors (6): GE752AH
Design: Hi-Ad
Wheel Diameter: 42-inch
Gear Ratio: 87:16
Journal Bearings: Brenco, Class CG
Fuel Tank (gal.): 5,000
Coolant (gal.): 380
Lubrication Oil (gal.): 410
Sand (cu. ft.): 40
Air & Auxiliaries
Air Brake Schedule: 26L
Air Compressor: Wabco 3GDCLA
Bell, Location: Cast steel, underframe
Special Features
Dynamic Brake System: High Capcity, Ext. Range
Control Stand: Desk
Snowplow: Short Hood End
Flange Lubricators: No
Telemetry Provision: Yes - IFC
Radio: Motorola Spectra
Cab Air Conditioner: Yes
Ditch Lights: Yes
Speed Control: Yes - IFC
Electronic Cab Display: Yes - IFC

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