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T his section is brought to you by Microscale Decals. These photos were taken by Bruce Jacobs at Commerce, CA. The pictures highlight the interior of the new articulated, enclosed tri-level autoracks of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. They also show how these cars are unloaded, and give the viewer an example of the tremendous height of these cars.
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On 25 August 1999, BNSF's V-PLTCHC's first twenty cars were the new AutoMax's recently built by Gunderson. This is a new kind of car designed to haul SUV sized vehicles on three decks. Up till now these vehicles could only be hauled on tradtional Bi-level cars.

This is one-half of the car showing how the BNSF emblem and reporting marks are centered on each unit.
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This is almost the full length of the car, I believe that
these cars are even longer than the articulated racks
recently constructed by Thrall. These cars also
seem to be taller than standard autoracks. This car will
stand out in almost any consist.
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The end is painted yellow and shows how much taller
these cars would stand over a normal height car.
The brake gear is on the side on the right hand side
of the car as you look at it.
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