ATSF's FP45: Before They Were 'Bonnets

     This site is dedicated to displaying photos of ATSF FP45s before they were redressed in the updated Warbonnet paint scheme. The pictures on this page were kindly donated by Doyle Davis and are his property, are copyrighted by him, and has all rights reserved on them.

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SF #5992
Here ATSF FP45 #5992, still wearing her old number, yet looking splendid in her Yellowbonnet, is reading to pull a Santa Fe business train with two of her sister units.
SF #5992
In this dramatic photo, ATSF FP45 #5992 shows off one of her best sides to the photographer as she waits patiently to get underway.
SF #5992
Doing what she was designed to do, and doing it well: pulling a Santa Fe passenger train at high speed and on time. Here #5992 is blasting through Plainview, Texas.

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