BNSF 9840
We're now in Cheney, once a town all its own, but soon to be just another suburb of Quagmire Central (i.e. Lincoln) -- actually, Quagmire is not really the proper term; the military uses the term 'CF' to more properly describe places like Lincoln. You'd never know it by looking, but there's one hell of a grade just west of here, which is why there are helper locomotives on the rear of this train. In the old days, BN used to break the Nebraska City loads into two 55-car sections at Lincoln and run them without helpers. This was better for the railfan, as it meant twice as many trains. Of course, we should be thankful today due to our luck of catching BNSF 9840 on the point. Most of the time, this train runs with three green junkers (SD40-2s or C30-7s) up front and a pair of MACs or Oakways on the rear.
F3HP | 180mm f2.8 | 1/500 sec f8-1/2 | Astia
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