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Welcome to the BNSF Ice Cold Express page. Here you can learn about the fantastic new refrigerated service from the
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway , operated with the Mark VII corporation , and utilizing the latest in ReeferRailer(tm) technology from Wabash National.

Currently, one can trace where all the trailers are by utilizing BNSF's own computers, view the handout about this exciting service given out that the 1999 Intermodal Expo, take a glance at the type of trailer being used for Ice Cold Express, as well as view the first schedule of the new service.

Check back often, as new statistics and pictures will becoming available.

Trace Trailers View Handout View Trailer View 1st Schedule

Special thanks to:
  • MODELINTERMODAL.COM for the handout graphic
  • Jim Matthews of Wabash National for the trailer picture and stats.
  • Keel Middleton for the schedule.

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    BNSF Ice Cold Express ReeferRailer Trace
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    Trailers 530000 to 530079

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    Trailers 530080 to 530158

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    BNSF Ice Cold Express Color Handout
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    Here's a picture of the handout given out at the 1999 Intermodal Expo. Click on the graphic to get a full screen view of it.

    Here is a copy of the BNSF Announcement of the new service.

    BNSF Ice Cold Express ReeferRailer
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    To the left is a picture a Wabash National ReeferRailer(tm). This type of trailer will be the mainstay of the Ice Cold Express inventory, offering door-to-door service with high efficiency and product protection. To read more, go to Wabash National's page on their ReeferRailers. Click on the graphic to get a full screen view of it.

    The Roster for Ice Cold Express is:

  • Trailer numbers are ICEZ 530000-530158
  • Bogies are GIMX 5000-5149
  • CouplerMates GIMX 6000-5 Trailer Statistics:
  • Height = 13'6"
  • Length = 53', the coupler tongue extends another 22" from the nose
  • Sidewall is basically a standard reefer wall with an aluminum outer skin supported by steel posts.
  • The insulation is injected in the sidewalls in a press.
  • Reefer units are by Carrier
  • Temperature rating is to 'deep frozen' levels.
  • Suspension is the standard RoadRailer(tm) parallel arm air ride
  • Ice Cold Express
    In a photo by Don Bowen, an Ice Cold Express unit train blasts its way through southern California. click on the picture for its full size.

    BNSF Ice Cold Express 1st Schedule
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    The first run of the new roadrailers will take place on Friday, June 11th:

  • Departing Naperville, IL. at 16:00 (if it is on time.)
  • Arrive in KC at 04:30
  • Wellington at 11:10 (Saturday)
  • Amarillo at 19:15
  • Belen at o4:30 on Sunday
  • Winslow at 12:00 Noon
  • Needles at 18:20
  • Barstow at 23:00
  • San Bernardino at 02:00 on Monday.

    The first eastbound will depart San Bernardino at 07:00 on the 18th.