Burlington Northern Santa Fe Barstow Mishap

BNSF's Barstow, CA Mishap

A Preservation Perspective...

BNSF was struck by Friday the 13th Bad Luck on 13 November 1998.

An eastbound train, traveling in Run 3, ran into the back of another
eastbound train going 10 mph into the Barstow Classification Yard. There
were no fatalities to the crew.

The locomotives involved in the mishap were:
  • BNSF #741 - a Dash 9-44CW
  • BNSF #8226 - an SD75M
  • ATSF #5263 - a SDP40F-2 The #741 will be going to the famed Santa Fe Topeka shops to be rebuilt, while #8226 will be evaluated locally in Barstow for repairs. Unfortunately, #5263 suffered a bent frame, and thus will be scrapped. The top two pictures show the accident scene itself, whereas the bottom three photos depict the movement of #741 after the accident.
  • REMEMBER: Safety is everyone's job!

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