ATSF Argentine Yard Update

Part 1

Here in ATSF Argentine Update - Part 1 the photos will concentrate on the east end of the yard.

There is also a Part 2 that looks over the west end of the yard.

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Select Looks like the "new" tenant wasted no time in putting up new signs showing who is now living here. The picture is from the east end of Argentine Yard, close to the engine servicing facility.

Select This picture is looking east off of the 42st Street Bridge. The bridge itself is still under construction, however is completed to the middle of Argentine Yard, where an off-ramp has been constructed to allow BNSF employees to enter and exit.

Select We're now on the south part of the yard, close to the north and south main tracks, right off Goddard Avenue. One of the westbound stack trains, led by an SD75M, is making its way through the yard, no doubt in a big hurry to continue its trek westward.

Select Here's another view looking east off the 42st Street Bridge. This gives a better view of the torn-up tracks, and how the overall terrain is changing. In the distance, an intermodal train is parked by the fueling racks. Once serviced, and inspected, it will rocket off to 70 mph running on the Emporia Sub.

Select Here's another view looking west off the 42st Street Bridge, and down the BNSF ramp. This gives a better view of the new bowl tracks (40-52) that will be built. Off to the right, is the Terminal Tower.

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