ATSF Argentine Yard Update

Part 2

Here in ATSF Argentine Yard Update - Part 2 the photos will concentrate on the west end of the yard.

Milo Bloom ( has volunteered to write the captions to the pictures in order to give viewers the best possible information.

There is also a Part 1 that looks over the east end of the yard.

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Select This shot is looking off the 42nd Street Bridge to the southwest where grading for the east end of the new bowl is taking place. Currently all graded areas in the photo have new tracks constructed on them. The graded area is the lead for bowl tracks 30-60 (approximately).

Select Looking south across the old eastbound departure yard, you can see the old east bowl tower. An eastbound intermodal is sitting on the mainline fuel pads. The ten new departure tracks will be just this side of the east bowl building.

Select This photo shows the mainline fuel racks at milepost 5.5 along the south side of the yard. A third fuel rack is currently under construction, and should be complete in early October. This will make a total of seven mainline fuel locations in the yard. The east bowl tower is currently being used as offices for some of the construction personnel around the yard.

Select This photo is looking east off the 55th Street Bridge, and the west end of the new yard. From right to left we see the mainline and the current west end of the two mainlines in the distance (by the signal). There is a temporary connection track switch in the foreground which is no longer in service. When used, the track connected the mainline with track 2 to allow crews to install switches in the mainline just to the west. The track to the left of the mainline is the old hump lead 1. This will become part of the new middle mainline, with the new north mainline just to the left of it. All three mainlines will connect just west of 55th Street, as seen in the next photo. The new swtiches in the middle of the new grading are part of the west end of the new departure yard lead. Just beyond the switches is the grading for the new hump. The two new hump leads will extend to the left of the Turner depot (pictured) which is currently only being used by carmen. The tracks to the left of the Turner depot is the existing west departure yard,which is now departing both east and west trains out of it.

Select This shot is looking west off the 55th Street Bridge at the west end of the year. The eastbound doublestack train is coming off of track 2. The headend of the train is on the temporary connection track (which is no longer in service) which connects to the north and south mainlines to the east. Mainline 1 (or the highline) is the track furthest to the left. When completed, there will be a new interlocking in the foreground (complete with a signal bridge) that will funnel the north mainline into the middle mainline from the east, with crossovers that can route trains between all three mainlines. This will alllow trains off the mainlines access to tracks 2, 3, and 4 on the lowline from this location, which was never possible under the old layout of the yard. Completion of the interlocking should be sometime in early October to allow use of the new third mainline along the south side of the yard.

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