The following are references to both the original SDP40F and Santa Fe's SDF40-2:

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  • "Amtrak's SDP40F passenger diesel" Model Railroader, August 1992 page 82 by Keith Thompson
  • "Modeling an Amtrak SDP40F in HO" Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1990 page 53 by Bill Manzke
  • "Amtrak SDP40F Painting Guide" Mainline Modeler, August 1990 page 20 by Warren Calloway
  • "Amtrak SDP40F" Prototype Modeler, July/August 1989 page 20 by Greg Larocca
  • "And passenger service too" Railroad Modeler, August 1975 page 40
  • "How to SDP40F your FP-45" Railroad Modeler, April 1974 page 26 by Wayne Lyndon
  • "The SDP40F is here!" Railroad Modeler, September 1973 page 8
  • "New EMD's for Amtrak - the SDP40F" Railroad Model Craftsman, October 1973 page 48 by Win Cuisiner

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